maandag, juli 14, 2014

after rainy days

after the rainy grey days the weeks starts with sunshine. today i went to look after the wood for making my flowerpress. i decided to make one but i had some wood left and so i can also make a little one. last week i received two very lovely packages. i am really happy with the knitted headband made by raquel from camelotia, her work is so soft and light and i think she is very skilled and friendly knitter. the plate is designed by claudia from wide eyed tree, when i saw it for the first time i could not believe my eyes, i am very happy with it, the mornings will be lovely when i will drink a cup of tea or coffee. thank you a lot to claudia and raquel !
the sun is shining bright on the plants, on my work table and i look forwards for the coming days a head. until very soon again.

designed by claudia from wide eyed tree
made by raquel ribeiro silva from camelotia
for my flowerpress
made by raquel ribeiro silva from camelotia
pilea in the sun
designed by claudia from wide eyed tree
raindrops on flowers

4 opmerkingen :

  1. lovely gifts from the two ladies!
    is this a new cushion you are knitting?
    wondering how this flowerpress is going to be :)
    enjoy your day!

    1. hallo evdokia, yes i am making a new cushion, is for a friend. the flower press is finished soon more about this. enjoy your day to and thank you for visiting.

  2. The headband is so pretty! Thank you also for the kind words and awesome pictures you made!


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